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35 Days Kashgar to Lhasa bike adventure

35 Days Kashgar to Lhasa bike adventure

Day 01: Pick up from Kashgar and cycle to the half way to Yechung (140km)

Day 02: The next day cycle the half more kilometer(140km to Yecheng(140km, Guesthouse)

Day 03: Yecheng electric city hotel and camp (79km guesthouse)

Day 04:Bike over kudila pass to near small salty water channel camp

Day 05: bike to  Camp

Day 06: Bike over chira la passes to Mazar camp

Day 07:Bike over a pass and to Camp

Day 08: Bike crossing Xaidulla village to Camp

Day 09: Bike over Kusbal la pass camp

Day 10: Bike crossing Dohonglithan village to camp

Day 11: Bike over Kithai pass and down to camp near Army post

Day 12: Bike to near the Lake camp

Day 13: Bike over some small passes to Sumxi camp

Day 14:Bike over Qiela pass to Dormar village

Day 15: Bike over small pass to Panggung lake camp

Day 16: biking and drive to Ali(Transport to Ali 163km hotel Ali)

Day 17: Biking and drive to chu gompa(transport to Manasarovar lake guesthouse)

Day 18: Excursion (rest at Manasarovar visit Rakshal tal and Gompus

Day 19: Drive to Darchen (guesthouse)

Day 20: First day of Kailash khora

Day 21: Second day of Kailash khora)

Day 22: third day of Kailash trek  and cycle to Lake Manasarovar (30km, guesthouse)

Day 23: Cycle to Mayumla(120-130km, Camping)

Day 24: Mayumla to Paryang(100-110km, guesthouse)

Day 25:Paryang -Zhongpa(100-110km, Camping)

Day 26:Zhongpa-Basaguke(110-120km, Camping)

Day 27: Basaguke to Saga(150km, guesthouse

Day 28;Saga-Sangsang(170km, guesthouse)

Day 29: Sangsang-Lhatse(110km, guesthouse)

Day 30: Lhatse-Shigatse(150km, hotel)

Day 31: Shigatse-Gyangtse(90km guesthouse)

Day 32: Gyangtse- Yamdrok lake(170km, guesthouse)

Day 33: Yamdrok lake-Lhasa (90km,

Day 34:  sightseeing Lhasa

Day 35: Depart Lhasa

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