Gaden monastery to Takste town trek

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9 days: Gaden monastery to Takste town trek

Day 01: Arrive at Lhasa

ELEV: 3650 m

Arrival at train station in Lhasa, our guide and driver will pick you up and transfer you to hotel for acclimatization; you can have your free time hanging out at this holy city to get the first impression of Tibet.

Day 02: Lhasa-Jokhang temple-Barkhore square

Morning visit the Jokhang temple

It was founded during the reign of king Songtsen Gampo in 642.  According to tradition, the temple was built for the two brides of the king, Princess Wencheng of the Chinese Tang dynasty and Princess Bhrikuti of Nepal. Both wives are said to have brought important Buddhist statues and images from China and Nepal to Tibet as part of their dowries, and they were housed here. Many Nepalese artists worked to construct this temple

After finished visit the Jokhang temple walk around the Jokhang temple khora and take picuture with Barkhore area .  You can see many pligirmage all around Tibetan area and most of the them they doing prostrations thousand time every day infornt of Jokhang temple

Afternoon explore Tibet old city area and you can see some of the small temple.  Usually for the small temple no need to pay entrance fee  and  also you can explore the Tibetan Old Market from there you can see lots of different things like yak cheese, yak butter and Yak meat and also many Khampa(Eastern people) businessman are exchange precious stone .( Overnight in Lhasa)

Day 03: Lhasa-Potala palace-Norbulingka summer palace

Morning visit the Potala palace. The Potala palace was originally built in the 7th century by King Songtsen Gampo after he moved the capital from Yarlung to Lhasa. The palace is named after Mount Potalaka the mythical abode of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesva . It’s is built on the Red hill. after the 17th century 5th Dalai lama moved his government from Drepung to Potala palace. and expanded the to the present size. Usually there have 75 monks in Potala palace.

Afternoon visit the Norbulingka summer palace

Norbulingka or the Jewel park is the summer palace for the successive Dalai lama. In the 18th century the 7th Dalai lama Kelsang Gyasto took treatment bath in a spring here and soon a palace was built for him, which is called Kelsang Palace. There is also smaller palace called Uyap palace and this was used by the Dalai Dalas when they watched Tibetan Opera dance during the Shorten or (Yoghurt festival) and other events. The second major palace is called Chensel palace which was built during the 13th Dalai lama, Thupten Gyatso’s time. Lastly the New palace or the Takten Mingyure palace was built in the early 1950s for the 14th Dalai lama and side it there is an impressive wall painting that shows a complete history of the Tibet starting from the human evolution, the first King and the main historical period and figures. Besides, we can also see many types of trees and plants and flowers, such as bamboos, pine trees and Juniper.

Day 04: Lhasa-Gaden monastery-Drive back to Drupshi villages (Camp near the villages area and wait for the yak and yak man to come

ELEV: 4300 m

A visit to the earliest Gelug Pa ( Yellow hat tradition of Buddhism ) monastery to be founded in Tibet by the great founder of the Yellow hat tradition master Tsongkhapa, the source of the great traditions of Dalai Lamas, Penchen Lamas and various other highly respected Buddhist personages!  Its history dates back to the 15th century. We will have a lunch in Gaden monastery and drive to Drupshi village and Camp near the villages area(4300m) 

Day 05: Trek  to Yamado nomad area( 10km, 3-4hrs walk )

ELEV: 4500 m

Morning short trek to Yamado from there you can have a good experience with Tibetan nomad life and it’s good places for acclimatize. Camp 4500m

Day 06: Trek to Shuga la pass(5240m) (14km, 5hrs )

ELEV: 4600 m

This is the day we tackle the highest pass on the trek ” The Shug Ga La pass at 5240 metres “, In the morning in the first hour we will have a steep ascent, but will take it easy and do it slowly, as we will have plenty of time. Our planned duration of trek is for your holiday trek, NOT for local herders! Never push yourself too hard, particularly when you at

such altitudes! You will make it to the summit of the pass in a reasonable time, benefiting from your exercises the previous days! Being at the pass after such a challenge on your own legs is so beautiful, you have made it! We will have our lunch at the pass if it is not too windy and cold. Treks ahead will become easy for you now! As we descend from the pass, the scenery will be quite different. You are camping near the foot of Shuga la pass in here place of the Taktse nomads area 

Day 07: Taktse nomad area to Taktse village -Lhasa (10km,3-4hrs walk )

ELEV: 3650 m

This morning easy walk to down to Taste village and on the way you can explore Takste nomads and Taktse village life and you can also have nice view of trees.  from the Taktse villages our driver will come to pick you up and drive to Lhasa

Day 08: Take rest in Lhasa and prepare for depart Lhasa 

Day 09: Depart Lhasa

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