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Day trip to Potala palace and afternoon Ramoche temple

Potala Palace

Potala Palace

Morning visits the Potala palace. The Potala palace towers above the city of Lhasa as the national landmark that allures international visitors. The massive 13-storeyed building used to be the former abode for the Dalai lamas. It looks incredibly magnificent from a distance and could be viewed from various places around town. As the nation’s supreme relic, the palace dates back to the seventh century A.D.
Afternoon visit the Ramoche temple
The sister temple to the Jokhang, the Ramoche. Ramoche temple was constructed around the same time. It was originally built to house the Jowo Sakyamuni image brought to Tibet by Princess Wencheng, but sometime in the eighth century the image was swapped for an image of Jowo Mikyoba(Akshobhya), bought to Tibet in the 7th century as part of the dowry of king Songtsen Gampo’s Nepali wife, Princess Bhrikuti Devi. By the mid-15century the temple had become Lhasa’s Upper Tantric college

Ramoche temple assembly Hall

Ramoche temple assembly hall