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Duration: 21 Days
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Lhasa to Nepal Border bike tour via Everest Base Camp is one of the beautiful bike ride adventure in Tibet.

Day 01: Arrive at Lhasa

Day 02: Lhasa-Jokhang temple-Barkhore square

Day 03: Lhasa- Potala Palace-Nobrulingka Palace

Day 04: Lhasa-Drepung monastery-Nyachung temple-Sera monastery

Day 05: Bike-Lhasa- foot of Kampa la pass(83km, Camping)

Day 06: Bike- Kampa la pass-Namkhartse town(79km, Camping)

Day 07: Bike-Namkhartse town- foot of Simila pass(66km, camping)

Day 08: Bike-Simila pass-Gyangtse( 37km stay in hotel)

Day 09: Bike-Gyangtse-Shigatse(90km stay in hotel)

Day 10: Shigatse rest day(Hotel)

Day 11: Bike-Shigatse-foot of Tsola pass (100km camping)

Day 12: Bike-Foot of Tsola pass- Lhatse (50km stay in hotel)

Day 13: Bike-Lhatse-Baipa(81km Camping)

Day 14: Bike-Baipa-Pangla (37km Camping)

Day 15: Bike-Pangla pass-Rongpuk (71km, camping)

Day 16: Rest day in Rongphuk monastery walk around Everest Base Camp

Day 17: Bike-Everest Base Camp-Old Tingri (80km, Camping)

Day 18: Bike- Old Tingri-Lalungla pass (86km camping)

Day 19: Bike-Shishapangma -Phelcuo tso lake-Foot of Gungthangla pass(80Km)(Camping)

Day 20: Bike- Foot of Gungthangla pass-Lower Kyirong town(60Km)

Day 21: Bike -Lower Kyirong -China custom (20km)