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We travelled for 12 days with Lobsang in a small group of 3 people last November. It couldn’t have been any better. Lobsang is a very caring, professional and social guide. This is combination with the fact that our trip was a nice mix of culture, sightseeing and Tibetan social life, made it a trip to really remember. We had a lot of fun, learned a lot about Tibet and about Buddhism. Also we liked the fact that the itinerary was flexible, there was space for personal preferences and enough time to fully enjoy everything, which made it a special tour and in our opinion different from the other, regular tours. We’re very thankful to Lobsang and to Tibet for the trip of a lifetime.

Highly recommended!

Otmar, Rachel and Kalle.

Highly recommended Tibet Experience

Dear Lobsang dear Jingme thanks a lot for your arrangement for your care about us , we are really enjoying the time in Tibet we have to keep contact for future arrangements. We are boarding now

Tiziano & Danfer

Enjoying the Time in Tibet

Hi Lobsang,

How are You? Hope that you have good time in Tibet. We all, in Czech Republic, still thinking, discussing and remembering for our fantastic and amazing trip through the Tibet. For me, it was the best best best trip in my life, so I never forget for things which you have done for us.
Thanks again for all thing which you have done for us. I wish you pleasant time in Tibet.

Thanks and Bye.
Vaclav Kolpek

the best best best trip in my life

We’re all looking back on a great week in your kind and beautiful country and on the perfect service you all provided us.

I’m writing from our hostel on Kathmandu where we’ve checked in one hour ago. Totally different here in ‘the big city’.

Tibet and you guys will stay in our hearts and minds! Hope to meet you again one day.

Best wishes,

Antoine, Ingrid, Bob, Milou, Stan, Liza and Marle.

Perfect Tibet travel service

VLuckily for me a friend of a friend (you know how it goes) told me about ‘Tibet Experience’ (www.tibetexperience.com). And this is how I came into contact with Lobsang Wangdan. These are my five reasons why you should consider this agency to be your guide in one of the highest cities in the world (Lhasa):

1. Help during the preparation phase. I contacted the agency via WhatsApp and asked them what they needed. I got a fast reply with a list of the needed documents (these are also mentioned on the website, but I wanted to be sure that there was someone listening). During this stage I got all the help I needed and was able to arrange all the necessary documents. I also received a 5-day itinerary in a Word file. They send the Travel Permit to my hotel in China and all we had to do was pick it up.

2. An adequate reception. When we got in Lhasa, our tour guide was waving sign with our names on it. She hung a white silvery shawl around our neck and welcomed us to Tibet. We really liked this. We stepped inside a little bus and they drove us to the hotel. On our way to the hotel we got the necessary information about the location and she confirmed what was already stated in the itinerary.

3. Local experience. Because the tour guides of this agency are Tibetan locals, you get local stories (for example: when visiting the monasteries), local perspectives and local experiences. One of the days we went to a local Tibetan restaurant where I ate a healthy noodle soup and drank milk tea, a specialty in Tibet.

4. Personal experience. Our guide, my brother and I where THE group. So it was just the three of us. The good thing about this, is that the tour had a really personal feel, like being guided by a close friend in a strange place.

5. Extra’s. The last day was a day in which we were free to just walk around and do what we wanted (meaning: we were done with our tour in and around Lhasa). Lobsang asked us if we wanted to cycle towards a park, hidden in de mountains. We said ‘sure!’. This was one of the because we had very nice vantage point from which we could see the whole of the city, sprawling in the mountain basin. If this wasn’t enough he took us to a Tibetan restaurant where we had fresh veggies, fried noodles and little Tibetan style bites.

On the last day we were returned to the airport and flew back to Chengdu.

All in all we had a great experience in Lhasa, had a thorough taste of the Tibetan, Nepalese and Indian cuisine and enjoyed the feel of the old monasteries. We only stayed for 5 days but in those 5 days our lives were enriched in ways we will only realise, years from now.

Gerold Kort

Best moments of our Lhasa experience

Tashi delek Lobsang,

Warm greetings from Hong Kong! My apology for not writing earlier. I returned to Hong Kong a few days ago. I ended up spending 10 days in Gyantse waiting for the “dancing spirit” festival at Pelkor monastery, which was fantastic. The monks made a sand mandala, which was magical. There was mask dancing, unrolling of the thangka at 6am, lots of festivities. Really happy to be part of that. Thanks so much again, Lobsang, for all your help and kindness. I spent a fabulous month in Tibet thanks to your advice. Am already dreaming of coming back to your beautiful country, which is so vast. I think yours is one of the most amazing countries on earth! I am sure the coming months are busy for you. Hope your tours are coming along well! If you ever have the chance to come visit in Canada, please do not hesitate to let me know!

Best Regards,

Jnnifer Chan

fantastic Tibet Tour