Tibet festival 2023 in Tibet, the Tibetan calendar lags approximately four to six weeks behind the solar calendar. For example, the Tibetan First Month usually falls in February, the Fifth Month usually falls in June or early July and the Eight Month usually falls in September. But the below festival date is for the normal calendar date. It’s more convenient for our overseas tourists.

Tibetan New Year(Tib Losar)(Feb 1st to 15 days 2023)

The grandest Tibetan festival is celebrated throughout the whole Tibetan area. It lasts 3 to 15 days from the first of the first lunar month of the Tibetan calendar.


Saga Dawa festival (25th May to 8th -June- 2023)

The festival is celebrated for the whole 4th Lunar month of the Tibetan calendar, honoring Sakyamuni Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and death. All around Tibet, this festival is held to worship the Buddha. we quit eating meat for almost one month and praying for the whole living being to be happy and save from the ocean of suffering.

Universal prayer (Tib zamling Chisang) festival ( July -13th- 2023)

Tibetan people in central Tibet would go to the top of local mountains to burn incense, hang prayer flags on treetops, burn juniper twigs, and build bonfires to worship the Buddha and local gods.

Chokhor Duchen (Aug- 1st-2023)

It celebrates the day that Buddha Sakyamuni first taught the four noble truths in Sarnath and first turned the wheel of Dharmas.

Yorgurt ( Tib Shoton) festival (Aug -16th- for week-2023)

It celebrates monks finishing their summer retreat pilgrims come to serve them with yogurt. During the festival, giant thangkas of the Buddha are unveiled in Drepung monastery and Sera monastery, and also Tibetan Opera troupes perform at Norbulingka summer palace in Lhasa.

Lhabab Duchen ( Nov-15th-2023)

A day of celebrating the Buddha Sakyamuni’s descent from the heavenly realms to the earth.

(Butter Lamp festival (Dec-18th-2023)

Anniversary of the death of Tsongkhapa, the great founder of Gelugpa sect(Yellow hat sect) school of Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetan make butter lamp offerings at home or monasteries on that day.

Tibet Horse Racing Festival (July 04 to Aug 08 2023)

1.Nachu horse racing festival : Aug -10th-2023

2.Gyangste horse racing festival:  July-20th-2023

3.Damxung horse racing festival:  Aug-20th-2023

Tibetan horse racing has a long history, since ancient times, horse racing has been an indispensable part of Tibetan traditional festivals, which is popular among vast peasants and herdsmen. Tibetan ancestors mostly lived nomadic lives, so horses become an important tool for traffic, production, and war. The long–term horse riding lives made a lot of heroes who were good at horsemanship, for example, King Gesar born into a poor family become the king of Ling state after a victory in horse racing. Most of the Tibetan area year held horse racing festival during the summertime. Handsome guys whip their horse on, galloping across the wide plains, the spectators cheer, what a magnificent spectacle.

Tsurphu Monastery Annual Cham Dance Festival (June -9th- 2023for 3 days

Tsurphu Monastery, a Kagyupa institution a couple of hours drive to the west of Lhasa city, held its annual three-day festival.
The second day of the festival was devoted to a traditional religious dance called “Cham” which is performed by the monks of the monastery.
There are several different types of dance which are performed, using different masks and costumes, and symbolizing different things ranging from meditative journeys through to stories from the life of Padmasambhava – an Indian Buddhist master who is one of the most famous historical figures in Tibet for his work taming demons in the eleventh century.

Shigatse Tashi Lhunpo Monastery Fesitval ( July -12-2023

During the Shigatse Tashi Lhunpo monastery, religious festival time the huge giant cloth thangka painting was a display on a huge wall. You can see many pilgrimages at that time

Samye Monastery Religious Festival( March-12th-2023)

You can see monks mask religious dance in Samye monastery. Festival to drive out evil spirits and expel the scapegoat. Lamas encircle Lhasa with trumpets.

Tibet Bathing festival (Sept -09 to  -2023)

The Bathing Festival is held in the first ten days of July, according to the Tibetan calendar. In Tibetan, this festival is called “Gamariji”, the Tibetan name for the planet Venus. It is so-called because the rising of Venus in the sky signals the beginning of this festival where Tibetans bathe in rivers and lakes believed, at this special time, to possess beneficial properties.