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As from January 1st 2016 the Tibet tourism office  has imposed new regulations regarding traveling in Tibet. They have decided that, as from now, ALL tourists must travel in new vehicles. This means that older cars cannot be used any longer. Because of this decision, the minimum price per kilometer has increased dramatically. This means that it is becoming more and more difficult for BACKPACKERS and TRAVELERS ON A BUDGET to visit Tibet. Every price on the internet before 2016 that involves transportation by car, is outdated.

Since we have organized many trips for BUDGET TRAVELERS before, and continue wanting to do so, we have started offering the service of bringing travelers together to form a group. From the beginning of 2016 we will organize set dates with specific itineraries on which you can come along. By doing this, our aim is to bring people together and make it possible to share a car, and therefore cost. This way you can still visit our beautiful country but without the otherwise higher cost involved.bet group tour;  If you are looking travel partner to Tibet.  Below is some of our customer travel date and travel itinerary.   If any one love to Join with them please send us email