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Ganden to Samye trek

Destination Lhasa city sightseeing , Ganden monastery to  Samye trek
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Tibet trek gives you a real taste of Tibetan highland adventure and an insight into Tibetan Buddhism. Interspersed with excursions to ancient monasteries, this trek is also recommended for the aficionado of Tibetan theology. Trekking in Tibet offers you an altogether different experience. As you hike along the rugged Tibetan terrain, you will be greeted with sights so different and new: from the arid Tibetan topography that resembles a lunar landscape to the ancient villages with their colorful prayer flags and magnificent monasteries. As you traverse along the 80km trekking trail that skirts barley fields and nomadic pastureland, you get an opportunity to observe the Tibetan lifestyle at close quarters and experience the real Tibet.

Arrive at the train station (20km) or airport(60km) in Lhasa.  Our guide and driver will pick you up and transfer you to the hotel for acclimatization; you can have your free time hanging out in this holy city to get the first impression of Tibet.
Morning visits the Jokhang temple is the most sacred temple in Tibet. In the Tibetan language, it refers to Buddha’s house. The most important statue is said to be made by Buddha Sakyamuni himself time. It was built in the 7th-century 32nd king Songtsen Gampo. The Jokhang temple is the convergence of Tibet’s spiritual and secular life. Here you can meet all kinds of tribes from the Tibetan plateau. The surrounding market is called Bakhore. One of the most important religious paths. Evening explores city by yourself.
Morning visits Drepung monastery was founded in 1416 by a charismatic monk and disciple of Tsongkhapa called Jamyang Choji. Within just a year of the completion, the monastery had attracted a population of some 2000 monks. In 1530 the second Dalai lama established the Gaden Palace, the palace was home for the Dalai lamas until the fifth built the Potala Palace.  Drepung monastery is one of the biggest Gelugpa sect Buddhist monasteries in the Lhasa area. Afternoon visits the Sera monastery. All the Gelugpa monasteries history is strongly connected to Master Lama Tsongkhapa (1357–1419), the founder of the Gelugpa order, the much venerated and highly learned guru in Buddhist scriptures. The Sera Monastery at the foot of Sera Uste Hill is located 2 kilometers north of Lhasa. It is one of the great three Gelukpa university monasteries of Tibet.
Morning visits the Potala palace towers above the city of Lhasa as the national landmark that allures international visitors. The massive 13-storeyed building used to be the former abode for the Dalai lamas. It looks incredibly magnificent from a distance and can be viewed from various places around town. As the nation’s supreme relic, the palace dates back to the seventh century A.D. Afternoon visits the Norbulingka summer palace, the former summer palace of Dalai Lamas built-in during the 18th century by seven Dalai lamas. Explore the beautiful gardens and experience one of the holiest sites in Tibetan Buddhism while soaking up the rich history.
A visit to the earliest Gelug Pa ( Yellow hat tradition of Buddhism ) monastery to be founded in Tibet by the great founder of the Yellow hat tradition, the source of the great traditions of Dalai Lamas, Penchen Lamas, and various other highly respected Buddhist personages! Its history dates back to the 15th century. We will have a picnic lunch in the vicinity of the monastery. In the afternoon drive Drupshi and Camp very close to villages area and experience with local villages to acclimatize.
3-4HOURS/10KM/150M ASCENT ELEV:4500M Today walk up to Shugala valley and camp near the Yamado nomads area in summer you can see several nomads tent there
5-7 HOURS/ 10KM/1000M ASCENT/450M DESCENT ELEV:4980M This is the day we tackle the highest pass on the trek ” The Shug Ga La pass at 5240 meters “, In the morning in the first hour we will have a steep ascent, but will take it easy and do it slowly, as we will have plenty of time. Our planned duration of the trek is for your holiday trek, NOT for local herders! Never push yourself too hard, particularly when you are at such altitudes! You will make it to the summit of the pass in a reasonable time, benefiting from your exercises the previous days! Being at the pass after such a challenge on your legs is so beautiful, you have made it! We will have our lunch at the pass if it is not too windy and cold. Treks ahead will become easy for you now! As we descend from the pass, the scenery will be quite different. We will continue to trek across a small river and head on to our camp, next to a tiny high-altitude lake at the entrance of Chi Tu Valley, which we are going to explore the next day!!! Arrival at the camp after the satisfying day and having some coffee and tea while looking out at stunning nature will be so relaxing. It will have been such a perfect day—but NOT yet! We are forgetting our special camp dinner, which will top off our day gloriously!
6HOURS/14KM/300M ASCENT/ 450M DESCENT ELEV 4460M This day we will trek through the Chi Tu Valley, crossing the Chi Tu Pass at 5090 meters. Passing a few tiny lakes at the pass, we have a beautiful, deep descent. The scenery changes a lot down the valley, which makes the day so different, beautiful, and easy! We will have lunch at a cozy meadow corner on our descent from the pass!!! Our camp will be at Nying Go Sumdo junction, a nice meadow campsite between two rivers. We can also have an evening fire if the weather permits!
ELEV:3630M 3HOURS/ 10KM// 550M DESCENT An easy and beautiful day, it will be nice to be in bustling Tibetan farming villages and to visit a big monastery after being out in the nature for a couple of days! Arrival at Samye monastery. After our lunch break, we visit the monastery (the very first Buddhist monastery founded by the 37th king of the Yarlung Dynasty with the participation of the famous Indian tantric master Guru Rinpoche and Kenchen Shiva Tso in the 8th century. This is the monastery where the first 7 Tibetan monks were ordained and translated the Buddhist scriptures from Sanskrit and Pali into Tibetan ), the structure of the monastery is so distinctive and fascinating! An awesome day—a bit of trek and a beautiful monastery!
ELEV: 3630M This will be a beautiful and unusual day hike into the Chim Pu Valley and its meditation caves. Their history goes back to the times of the founding of the Samye monastery, 1200 years back! These hermitage caves are still in use for many Buddhist devotees, nuns, and monks mediators! We will have a bit of a climb to make it to the caves, but it will be very worthwhile. Being at the caves and feeling the atmosphere—the peace will soak in. This will make our trekking tour so rewarding! A once-in-a-lifetime experience! Late evening we will return to the Samye monastery hotel.
Morning drive to Samye and prepare for the depart
Depart Lhasa or you can possible to add some extra trip like Everest base Camp, Mt Kailash tour, Eastern Tibet tour and northern Tibet tour.

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