Mr. Migmar

General Manager

He was born and grew up in Gyangtse Town, which is located in the southwest of Lhasa. He started to learn English at Tibet University since 1999 and then served as a tour guide in Tibet. With his profound knowledge and experience, Mr. Migmar has won great reputation from his clients. In 2009, he co-founded Tibet Nyangchu adventure travel. He has been actively involved in the travel and tourism business in the past years. His zeal and enthusiasm has led the company to touch new heights. In 2011, he joined the ecotourism training held in Lijiang, Yunnan Province by Columbia University. During tours operation, he reminds all staff to practice Responsible Tourism principle.

Lobsang Wangdan, co -founded Tibet Experience

Lobsang Wangden is Khamba, from Markham in Eastern Tibet. He worked as an English-speaking tour guide for 10 years all around Central Tibet. Lobsang then became a tour operator in Xining, where he developed tours for Western clients around the Kham area, Qinghai, and Central Tibet. An outdoor enthusiast, Lobsang loves to trek and specializes in arranging unique adventures in Tibet, including trekking, cycling trips, horse riding tours.
In 2013 he opened Tibet Experience travel agency in Lhasa.
Lobsang is active in the Tibetan community, where he volunteers every day at the Blind Massage Clinic in Lhasa.


Tsering Dorjee, Tour Guide

I am Tsering dorjee from Amdo, Labrang. I am an English-speaking tour guide. I already did almost 5 years of guiding around Central Tibet. I love to explore new places and experience the more remote Tibetan nomad areas. Mostly I like to do trekking around Central Tibet, Bike adventures and explore the unique monasteries and ancient castles.
My hobby is playing games and exploring new places. It’s my first time joining the Tibet Eco Travel Collective. I am very happy to be a part of the Tibet Experience team and I will do my best to protect our environment as much as I can.


Pema Chungdak, Tour Guide

My name is Pema chungdak. I was born in Shigatse prefecture Sagya village and grew up in Shigatse city. Guiding tours is my profession, as well as my passion. I have 6 years of experience in guiding tours in Central Tibet. It is my pleasure to share our culture, history, tradition, and religion with our customers. Being part of Tibet Experience, I appreciate the initiative of Responsible Tourism for the welfare of our society and our environment as a whole.


Penpa Bhuti, Tour Guide

I am Penpa Bhuti. I was born in Shigatse. I have 7 years of guiding experience around Central Tibet. I love to trek and specialize in trekking, overland, and cycling trips. My hobby is to meet new people and learn about their culture & traditions. I am very happy to be part of the Tibet Experience travel agency in Lhasa. I looking forward to next year’s Tibet Eco Travel training.